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The Importance of
Cellular Hydration

Most of us don't recognize the crucial value of cellular hydration in regards to anti-aging and how important it is to our wellbeing to drink the right kind of water. Doctors usually say, “Drink plenty of water or you will become dehydrated”. However, it is important to make the distinction  between the intercellular water (or water around the cells), and the intercellular water (or water inside the cells themselves).

Effects of Cellular Dehydration: Research in the field of cellular hydration has shown that when the cell hydrates and swells up, it triggers an anabolic (building up) mechanism in the body, which is a healing mechanism. It is accompanied by positive nitrogen balance, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release, equivalent to useful levels even in older people. Cellular hydration also results in a reduction of cell acidity, reduced autoimmune response, increased fat burning, DNA repair, and increased resistance to viruses.

When cells become dehydrated, it triggers a catabolic state (tearing down) accompanied by muscle wasting, cell hypoxia (oxygen starvation), DNA damage, and accelerated aging. As a result the cell becomes more sensitive to free radicals and more susceptible to viruses and autoimmune diseases. Virtually all symptoms of aging are the result of cellular dehydration accompanied by free radical damage.

Cell Damage: Most scientists accept the free radical theory of aging. The free radicals in our bodies damage our cells and the DNA replication process so our cells don't replicate properly. They replicate in a damaged way and our bodies deteriorate more and more as we grow older, until we eventually die as a result. Some older people die of things like common colds because their immune systems have been so badly damaged by free radicals over a lifetime.

The Importance of Intracellular Hydration: Since cellular dehydration contributes to cell damage it's important to find a way to keep those cells hydrated. One way of doing this is by reducing the surface tension of the water we drink. Drinking water that has a high surface tension, like tap water, does not really contribute to intracellular hydration. The water around your cells will be there but it does not necessarily go inside the them. In order for the cell to acquire the proper hydration, the surface tension of that drinking water should be lower than the surface tension of the cell wall. When you drink the right kind of water, at the proper surface tension, then the water can actually get inside the cell.

Making Water Wetter: One product that actually does this is HydraCel™. Each drop of HydraCel™ has over 20 million spherical catalytic particles in it. These particles attract water molecules by electrical action which reduces the surface tension, making ordinary water wetter. It creates a surface tension that is similar to the surface tension in the cell.

Another way to prevent cellular deterioration is by neutralizing free radicals. A product with similar properties plus huge antioxidant advantages which helps in neutralizing cell damaging free radicals is Microhydrin™.

The type of water you drink may be one of the most important things that you can do for your body. You want to be in a state where your cells are constantly hydrated, not dehydrated. If your cells are hydrated, your body is in a very neutral condition and your cells can repair themselves.



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