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Internal Health
The Importance of Colon Cleansing
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Proper bowel function means having 2 to 3 good bowel movements per day. Most people are not aware of this, and go through life eliminating once a day, or even as little as once per week! This practice has been proven to be very unhealthy. When we do not eliminate properly, wastes may not be expelled for days, weeks, months, or even years! The result is that wastes and toxins can become clogged in the colon, leading to auto-intoxication (self-poisoning). When the walls become encrusted with fecal matter, absorption of vital nutrients is hampered and unhealthy bacteria proliferate.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we did not empty our kitchen garbage? What if we kept throwing more and more garbage on top of the old? Wouldn't our homes start smelling like a garbage dump? The same thing happens with a constipated, clogged-up colon. The toxic wastes have nowhere to go, so they build up in the bowel. Over time, the bowel becomes stretched and inflated, be coming misshapen, as it tries to accommodate all the backed-up waste material. The result is that wastes and toxins are absorbed by the blood vessels in the lining of the colon, back into the body. This auto-intoxication lowers our overall feeling of health and vitality.

How do I Know if I Need to Cleanse?

All of the organs and tissues in the body are fed by the bloodstream, and if the blood is dirty as a result of a malfunctioning bowel the body becomes dirty, and we become unhealthy. Obvious symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system include: constipation; bloated stomach; fatigue; poor skin (skin rashes, sensitivity and sallowness); lower backache; body odor; poor digestion and food assimilation; reduced immune response; gas; weight gain; poor memory and mental dullness; depression; insomnia, coated tongue; and bad breath. And, although any of these symptoms alone may not necessarily indicate colon distress, together they are a strong indication of the need to consider it.

Education is the Key

Perfect dietary and lifestyle habits, stress management, and a proper exercise program cannot be incorporated into a person's daily regime overnight. However, an increased awareness of particular health tools and their positive benefits will serve many individuals for the rest of their lives.

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