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Medical journals have reported clinical studies in recent years which prove the benefits of nutritional supplements minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants which reduce the damage to the body caused by free radicals.  There is an enormous resource of information and scientific studies about free radicals on this web site -- click here to review.

You may know about dangerous free radicals. They are unstable toxic compounds, created by oxidation and the loss of an electron during normal activities, but increased by foods high in fat or sugar, toxic chemicals, and polluted air andFreerad_sm.jpg (6682 bytes) water. Like a gang of thieves, they run through your body stealing electrons from healthy cells, causing you to age faster, and increasing your risk of cancer and many chronic diseases.

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You may also know how antioxidants work. They give electrons to the free radicals to neutralize them and make them harmless. Our body fluids have a certain natural ability to do this, along with the popular antioxidant supplements. However, with the high level of free radicals in our bodies today, we need a wayAntiox_sm.jpg (7252 bytes)to greatly increase that ability. We need a super antioxidant. A major discovery has recently created a nutritional product that meets our need. It is a quantum leap in health protection. It has many benefits, and it is, by far, the most powerful antioxidant in existence.

How does this Discovery Help You?

The antioxidants you currently consume probably include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Betacarotene, Selenium, OPC's from grape seed or pine bark. These antioxidant compounds consist of large complex molecules, but no matter how large, they each give up only one electron.

In an effort to develop the most potent antioxidant possible, the world- renown scientific research team, Drs. Gael and Patrick Flanagan looked at all the Mol_atom_sm.jpg (13619 bytes)elements. They realized that the smallest one of all, Hydrogen, would provide the most concentrated source of antioxidant power. Each tiny Hydrogen atom could carry and give up an extra electron, creating the same power as each of the huge antioxidant molecules.

After years of research, they succeeded in developing a unique process using all-natural, food-grade ingredients to create a nutritional form of Hydrogen. This process produced a negatively charged hydrogen ion that can easily give up an electron more efficiently than any other antioxidant. Now it is available to you as an important addition to your daily nutritional supplements.

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Increasing the Antioxidant Power of your Body

One capsule of Microhydrin provides more electrons than a truckload of other antioxidants. However, you still need all the others. Scientists explain that antioxidants work together to reduce free radicals to safer levels.

While Microhydrin is the strongest of all, your health is best protected by continuing to include a variety of antioxidants with your other supplements.

How It Helps In Other Ways

Microhydrin provides negatively charged hydrogen ions, the nutrient you need more than any other. They are natural. They occur in every cell of every living tissue in humans and animals. They move everywhere in the body. Without hydrogen, there would be no communication between cells, no cellular division, no energy, and your life could not exist. When born, babies have a large reservoir of negative hydrogen ions. However your supply declines as you grow older.

Your Energy Energy_sm.jpg (8028 bytes)

Sixty percent of the food you eat is used to produce your source of energy called ATP. It is made when two Hydrogen atoms combine in your cells with Oxygen converting a compound into ATP. This is why, without Hydrogen you would have no energy.

Safety  H2O.jpg (6092 bytes)

When ATP is formed, as above, the two Hydrogen atoms which combine with Oxygen then produce, as the by-product, pure water, which is also critical to life. There is no toxicity.

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Benefits To Your Body Environment

The biochemistry or environment of the fluids in which your cells live is known as your Biological Terrain. It is described by three factors, acidity, electrical conductivity, and antioxidant power. The foods people eat in our modern societies, high in fat and sugar, along with air and water pollution, tend to cause our Biological Terrain to be unhealthy. This encourages oxidation, tissue damage, aging, and the growth of disease organisms. Negatively charged Hydrogen ions tend to improve the chemical condition of your body fluids into a healthier Biological Terrain.communi_sm.jpg (23561 bytes)

Helping Your 
Cells Work 

You have billions of cells that make up every part of your body. They produce the enzymes, hormones, blood and tissues, and allow the motion and mental activity that provide you life. In order to function, they communicate with each other through electrons. Electrons can not move in the body without Hydrogen.

Cells must have oxygen. Oxygen does not work without Hydrogen. Cells cannot multiply or grow without Hydrogen. The importance of Hydrogen, electrons, Biological Terrain and the role of negatively charged hydrogen ions was discovered many years ago but has been overlooked by most modern scientists until now.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of this breakthrough by adding Microhydrin to your daily supplement program. Reports by people who have consumed it clearly show improvement in health and vitality, with a new level of energy, endurance, mental clarity and well-being. 

"In two decades of practice in nutritional care for my patients, I have never seen anything like the results with Microhydrin. It is nutrition for the next century." -- Dr. Ron Meyers

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