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Before we start if you're skeptical about the benefits of juicing watch this short trailer of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (Full length film available on Netflix).

  • Why Juicing?
  • Benefits
  • What to Juice?
  • How to Juice?
  • Juicy Recipes

Why Juicing?

Juicing is one of the most beneficial nutrition you can give your body for renewed health & vitality.

Raw (unpasteurized), fresh organic juices provide an incredible concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and live enzymes that would be impossible to consume if we were to eat those vegetables.

Juicing will naturally encourage your body into cleansing, detoxifying, decongesting and repair by absorbing those raw materials and discarding was is not longer necessary.

Juice fasting allows this processes to go even deeper. By relieving the digestive organs from the burden of breaking down solid foods, diverting that energy to focus instead on the elimination of toxins. Juice fasting equilibrates and enhances all body systems while increasing mental clarity and vitality.

While juicing, the concentrated amount of nutrition will encourage your body to detoxify itself and can, in terms, overwhelm the liver. For this reason it's important to add Coffee Enemas to the protocol especially if you're juice fasting.

If you are starting a cleanse, it is a good idea to start with a good intestinal cleanse like Colo-Vada Plus. Since your liver filters your blood, you want to first clean your colon to prevent toxins from reentering the bloodstream. To learn more about the Importance of Intestinal Cleansing Click here

Benefits of Juicing:

Raw (unpasteurized), organic juices have broad properties like being:

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-mucus
  • Anti-parasitic
  • Enhance circulation
  • Stimulate digestion
  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Oxygenating
  • Detoxifying
  • Energizing
  • Anti-aging

What to juice?

We want high quality, nutrient dense, and organic produce like kale, spinach, cilantro, dandelion, arugula, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, parsley, swiss chard, and other dark greens vegetables along with lime, lemon, ginger, turmeric and cayenne & habanero peppers for added decongesting effects. Apples can be added for extra sweetness but fruits should be limited in general because their high fructose content.

Since you're assisting your body in cleansing, remember to only juice fresh and organic vegetables and fruits and drink right away.

How To Juice?

A good juicer is the very best investment you can do for your health and you have several options:

  • Centrifugal Juicers: Are the fastest but not the ones that extract the most vitamins & minerals. Also the add quite a bit of air into the juice making it prone to faster oxydation. So, if you're using one of this juicers, drinking it right away is a must.
  • Masticating: Are slower but extract more nutrients than the centrifugals. This is our recommended type of juicers if you're serious about juicing and health.
  • Juice Presses: Adds an extra step to the process but, using a hydraulic press, will allow you to extract about 1/4 more juice out of the pulp. This last bit of juice is concentrated in minerals extracted from the fiber of the pulp.
Click here for all our juicers recommendations:

NOTE: Please remember that when juicing an unusual amount of toxins will get released from the tissues and will need to get filtered by the liver. Make sure, especially if you're doing a juice fast, that you complement your process with coffee enemas.

Here are a few juicy ideas:

  • "Mud" Juice
  • Revitalize your Blood
  • Green for Life
  • Lemon Ginger Blast
Decongesting "Mud" juice (20oz)
  • 1-2 apples
  • 3 carrots with tops
  • 1 bunch of parsley and/or cilantro
  • 1 organic lemon with skin and all
  • 1 full thumb ginger piece
  • Add 1 small habanero pepper for additional decongesting effect
Revitalize your blood (32oz)
  • 1 celery bunch
  • 4 large carrots

  • 1 beet
  • 1-2 apples
  • 1 thumb size ginger
  • lower part of kale bunch (you can use the whole bunch although you may use upper part for steamed veggies or salads and just juice the bottom part)
  • 3rd of parsley bunch
  • 1/2 lemon peel 'n all
Green for Life (32oz)
  • 1 celery bunch
  • 3rd of parsley bunch
  • 2 apples
  • lower part of kale bunch (you can use the whole bunch although you may use upper part for steamed veggies or salads and just juice the bottom part)
  • 1/2 lemon peel 'n all
  • 1 thumb size ginger
Lou Corona's Green Lemon Ginger Blast
  • 1 bunch of Celery
  • 1 bunch of kale
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 2 Apples
  • 1 bunch Cilantro
  • 1 bunch Parsley
  • 1 bunch Arugula
  • 1 Lemon (unpeeled if organic; peeled if not organic)
  • 1 3 in. piece Ginger
  • 1 Habanero pepper

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