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Why Cleanse the Lymphatic System?

Your lymphatic system is the foundational of the immune system. It is vital that it is kept clean and healthy and free of toxic sludge. The lymphatic system works like the sewer system in your body. It carries wastes and toxins from your cells, then to the blood and then to the colon and kidneys for removal.

When the lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed with toxins or the filters become clogged, the system stores mucus and can back up into the lymph nodes. Chronic congestion can lead to many illnesses and disorders.

Unlike our cardiovascular system, our lymphatic system does not have a pump. It relies on movement and exercise to shuttle wastes throughout the body. Regular exercise is a great way to get your lymph moving. A second way is to support your lymphatic system is to periodically cleanse.

The Lymphatic Cleanse:

One of the most powerful and simple cleanses for your body is this simple lymphatic cleanse.

This cleanse is a highly effective, inexpensive procedure using beet-derived HCL (hydrochloric acid) taken with potassium-rich synergists for daily oral consumption.

It was revealed by medical pioneers in the 1930’s. They discovered how outstanding the results were for cleansing all the body’s organs and glands. In researching the benefits of HCL, they found that taking HCL alone (orally) often had a poor response. However, when the HCL was combined with specific synergistic activators, they discovered that an amazing whole-body cleansing response was initiated, helping to ignite the immune system’s efficiency of response and integrity, even in their worst cases.

They found extensive benefits for many types of concerns, which we now know is due to the process of deacetylation, suppressing undesirable genes and reactivating good genes, which can provide dramatic help for the kidneys, lungs, pancreas, liver, skin, uterus, prostate, bladder, and much, much, more.

Ingredients of your Lymphatic Cleanse:

This cleanse contains 3 major products:
  1. Premier HCl - provides beet-derived hydrochloric acid
  2. HCl Activator - provides quality source of potassium
  3. Immuno-ND - provides premier lymphatic drainage/cleansing


If you have experienced kidney failure or have a high white cell count (as in leukemia, etc.), start slowly with this cleanse, using only one HCL and Activator per day immediately following the main meal. If you have a history of ulcers, you may not be able to utilize Premier HCl, as it may cause burning. If you experience any burning when taking Premier HCl, stop immediately and see your primary healthcare practitioner to see if you may have an undiagnosed ulcer.

PRL Products you'll need: Price Sale
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Additional Supplements to Enhance the Cleanse:

  • Cat's Claw - a powerful lymphatic cleanser
  • Renaven - helps the body clear the increased toxin load
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PRL Master Liver Cleanse 1 Cat's Claw 60 caps $19.95
1 Renaven 60caps $28.95
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Directions for the Lymphatic Cleanse:

  1. HCL & HCL ACTIVATOR - Start out by taking 1 Premier HCL and 1 HCL Activator 1 to 3 times daily after meals. After a few days, start ramping up according to the suggestions below. This cleanse is intended to last for at least 6 weeks. After this time period, it is suggested to take at least one dose per day for maintenance.
    • Individuals between ages 25 and 50 and who weigh 100 – 150 lbs. take 2 Premier HCL and 1 HCL Activator with at least ¼ cup of water after each meal.
    • For those between ages 25 and 50 and who weigh 151 – 200 lbs. take 3 to 4 Premier HCL and 2 HCL Activator with ¼ cup of water after each meal. For those still in this age bracket and weigh over 200 lbs. add 1 to 2 capsules of each product for each additional 50 lbs.
    • For individuals over age 50 and who weigh between 100 – 150 lbs. take 3 to 4 Premier HCL and 3 to 4 HCL Activator after each meal. For each additional 50 lbs. add 1 Vcap of each.
    • For those under age 25 (especially young children and adolescents), be sure to consume adequate amounts of good quality sea salt (Premier Pink Salt), at least ½ teaspoon daily added to food or water. The salt provides the raw material from which hydrochloric acid may be made. For those under age 25, the amount of HCL recommended depends on body size, as well as the amount of sea salt consumed daily, exercise levels and amount of perspiration lost daily.
  2. IMMUNO-ND - Add 1 tsp. of Immuno-ND to your water bottle and sip throughout the day for optimal absorption and clearance of your lymphatic system. You can add some Pomegranate of Black Cherry Concentrate to improve the flavor of your water.

Lifestyle Modifications During Your Cleanse:

  1. The best thing you can do during your cleanse is to STAY HYDRATED! Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of pure water each day.
  2. Avoid coffee or other caffeinated products which work as diuretics in your system. You need water to help remove toxins in your lymphatic system.
  3. Get moving! The lymphatic system relies on gentle exercise and movement to pump toxins out of the body's cells. Gentle walking, yoga, and rebounding are great lymph-boosting exercises.
  4. Try skin brushing. A skin brush is a firm-bristle brush which you utilize to gently brush your skin. Before your morning bath or shower, brush all areas of your body towards your heart in long, smooth strokes. This is wonderful for moving lymph and also is very effective for improving circulation and reducing cellulite.


This cleanse tends to detoxify the head and mouth areas first, so if there are congested lymph areas in the head and neck region, swelling symptoms may occur. In these cases, reduce the HCL doses and consider external detoxification by use of Castor Oil Packs over the congested areas. Also, it is not uncommon when starting this cleanse to experience a runny nose. Do not be alarmed as this is a good sign that your body is purging toxic waste.

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