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The history of this new piece of technology, known as the Q2 Water Energy System, began in 1996 when a book was written about Quantum Reality Field Science.

This book was the first attempt at putting in print how matter and energy interact based upon Quantum Reality Field Science, by Terry Skrinjar. A gentleman by the name of Lynn Eykamp having read this book formed an association with Terry where they contemplated and debated potential technology based on Quantum Reality Field Science. During these discussions and with an interest in health, a question was posed to Terry, could his theories and methodology create a device that could basically heal everything?

With this challenge, the company Q-Tech Laboratories Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia with its goal being to invent, design, research and develop new products based on the Quantum Reality Field Science. Initially a small number of back yard workshop prototypes were constructed to demonstrate the affects of this science applied to existing farming practices, such as irrigation water enhancement. Other prototypes were built to show how Quantum Reality Field Science could produce never before seen devices that work as designed to do.

Returning to the original question posed, Terry determined that in order to have an enhanced healing effect on organic life forms, he would use water. Water, being the common element to all life and would be the medium through which a beneficial energy format could be produced. That being a form of “life force” energy readily utilized by any water based life form.

When the necessary calculations were made, a fundamental design construct, which consisted of a series of parallel rings to act as an antenna Array was conceived. Its application was to be immersed in water and to be powered by a direct current transformer based power supply.

Upon completion of the first prototype which was utilized by a number of family and friends associated with Q-Tech Laboratories many beneficial results were reported. So began the commercialization of a device called the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement unit or B.E.F.E. unit as it was first called.

The design was extremely precise in all the materials that needed to be used to build the Array, as well as the dimensions, ratios and methodology of construction. The reason for this exactness in every detail and of ratios calculated was crucial to the outcomes and effectiveness of the field produced and the quality of life force enhancement imparted. Any change in any aspect of the construction or materials used, will degrade or change the quality of life force enhancement.

During the following two years Q-Tech Laboratories did much research and development on both the Array and the power source to drive it. Several design changes were made to make the unit more user friendly and to allow commercial production. But all along the basic construct of the rings in the array were never changed.

It was also during these 2 years that Ivan Krell Serensen joined Q-Tech as a Director and Electrical Engineer, to design and build a power source for Array based upon Quantum Reality Field Science principles. Even traditional circuitry could be improved.

During the two years in the development of the Array housing and the power supply many trials and experiments where done which included experiments on plants and cut flowers. Microscopic examinations, water analysis and greenhouse trials, as well as many of their family and friends continuing to use the unit, to build up a database of results and testimonials across a broad range of applications.

Results involving plant experiments showed for example with cut flowers, that those flowers that were watered with enhanced water from the Q2 outlasted those watered with ordinary tap water by up to a week. Controlled greenhouse trials on commercial cucumber crops also showed plants irrigated with the enhanced water where healthier, showed less disease and pestilence and had a much greater yield compared to other plants in the same greenhouse.

With the potential benefits and its’ many uses, Q-Tech Laboratories concentrated the majority of its efforts to a more commercialized aspect around the Q2 water energy system. And today there are thousands of these units in the world and the number is growing exponentially as the word spreads about the benefits this technology has for organic life.

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