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Here is some exciting documentation that helps to understand the effects of the Q2 Energy Spa technology. (Some of the images are big so if you have a slow connection please be patient).

The QEnergySpa Bio-Energy Charging Cycle

The following are images created using a piece of Russian technology by Dr. Kolotov that examines each fingers Kirlian images and correlates them to acupressure meridians. It then reconstructs a whole body image.

HR Before.pdf

HR After.pdf

Before using a 35 minute Q2 Session you can see in the image that there are areas where the energy is not flowing.  The second one is the image after a 35 minute Q2 session. You can see the energy flows corrected. The next page shows the differences in the charkas. Before was before, red after. Notice the improvement in almost every charka! The third page shows the before and after of the various meridians.


The next series are images taken using a device that measures acupuncture meridian energy. The device is the BEST machine.

EDS 2 before

EDS 2 after

The first one is the before image. Red indicates stressed meridians, yellow indicates weakened. Green is ideal. The second one is the image after a 35 minute Q2 session. Notice the marked improvement of green meridians.


The following are another set of the same technology as the previous one.


This is the handwriting of a 7 year old boy who was classic autistic. His family had been doing all known at that time possibly assistances for him. The Q really made the difference… it was the only change during the following pictures. The first one is his handwriting just prior (1/25/00) to the Q2 sessions he received every other day. The one next to it is an image of his handwriting after less than 3 months! (4/11/00).

This is an image of his coloring before sessions (1/10/00). The one next to it is an image of his coloring less than 3 months after sessions (April 2000)

This is the cover from the current Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, which has the BEFE (called by that while the initial investigation was done for the book) listed under energetic devices. The next two are the article.


This one is an image from a Heart Rate Variable device (Dr. Rifkin’s) that shows the autonomic nervous system. This test was monitoring multiple HRV sessions in real time showing the impact of improving the parasympathetic tone during the session and persisting afterwards.

These ones are a live blood analysis before and after 2 Q2 sessions (4 days later).

Next one is an interim report from Jannet in South Africa on Live Blood and Bio Impedance Analysis

The detail for the summary report of the previous item.


A formal scientific study on the Q2 ENERGY SPA by Dr James Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute, in San Francisco, California.

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