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What is Stem-Kine?

Stem-KineStem-Kine is proprietary blend of nutrients that has been demonstrated to stimulate your body's natural repair capabilities. On the forefront of modern science, it has been shown numerous times that a direct, positive correlation exists between the number of circulating stem cells and overall health and wellness.

Stem cells are your body's natural healing mechanism:

Stem-Kine has been clinically proven to increase the amount of circulating stem cells in the body for an extended period of time. Just as fertilizer stimulates a tree to bear more fruit, Stem-Kine nourishes your bone marrow to release more of its own stem cells into circulation and to protect those cells from oxidative stress. Read the science, and see for yourself! Try Stem-Kine today!

The Importance of Stem Cells:

Human CD34 stem cellsAs we grow older, we begin to experience familiar signs of aging: diminished mental acuity, less strength, wrinkling skin, and fading eyesight. We often have less energy, and less joint mobility.

One of the reasons for these gradual changes is that our body’s natural cellular repair and renewal system of circulating adult stem cells has been declining with each passing year. High levels of stem cells can help achieve optimal health.

Throughout your life your bone marrow and other tissues produce billions of stem cells. When young, you produce your largest number of stem cells. After age 25, the amount your body produces begins to decline steadily throughout the rest of your life. Studies show that the more circulating stem cells you have, the more effective is their ability to replace tissue and organ cells with healthy new cells.

People with higher stem cell levels show:

  • An overall increase in well-being
  • Improved recovery time following sports injuries and surgery
  • Improved nail and hair growth
  • A healthy complexion
  • Heightened energy levels

A stem cell research scientist studied the nutritional needs of bone marrow. He developed Stem-Kine, a formulation with vitamin D and natural plant extracts prepared with a special fermentation process. Stem-Kine supplies nutrition to bone marrow, supporting its natural production of healthy new adult stem cells.

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The Story of Stem-Kine:

Dr. Neil Riordan

Stem-Kine was developed by a team of researchers, including Dr. Neil Riordan who holds dozens of patents and pending patents based upon his scientific discoveries and treatment methods. Dr. Neil Riordan founded the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama, where patients are treated with expanded cultures of their own stem cells. Through his research, he discovered a nutraceutical method of stimulating your body to release more of its own stem cells into circulation.

In 2005, Dr. Neil Riordan, founded the Stem Cell Institute where surgeons extract stem cells directly from the patient's bone marrow, culture and grow them to great numbers and inject them back into the patient. This surgical procedure requires significant cost, time and travel but the increase in the number of stem cells has resulted in significant improvement in some serious medical conditions for hundreds of patients.

To deliver the benefits of higher levels of stem cells to more people, Dr. Riordan studied the nutritional needs of bone marrow. He developed a formula with a special fermentation process and naturally occurring ingredients that nourish bone marrow, enabling it to produce a greater number of stem cells to circulate throughout the body. This remarkable formula is not a drug, it is a dietary supplement.

Dr. Riordan began selling Stem-Kine primarily to doctors, but he wanted a marketing organization well experienced in selling high-quality supplements to the public. Dr. Riordan chose to license exclusive marketing rights to RBC Life and its thousands of Associates.

The Science Behind Stem-Kine:

StemKine ScienceThere is an increasing body of scientific literature surrounding circulating stem cells and their effect on health, wellness, and regenerative capabilities. Numerous key scientific journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Neurology, Cardiology, and Science have published data regarding these findings. Circulating stem cells play a vital role in many degenerative conditions.

Stem-Kine has been clinically tested with the collaboration of individuals from major universities and organizations, including:

  • Indiana University
  • University of California, San Diego
  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Two sets of clinical trials were completed, and published in two different peer-reviewed journal articles in the Journal of Translational Medicine. Both of these articles are summarized individually below.

Stem-Kine is not a drug; it is a food supplement that has been demonstrated to cause an increase in the number of circulating stem cells for an extended period of time. It is not evaluated by the FDA and it is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease or condition.

Stem-Kine Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is it?
    • Stem-Kine is a unique supplement made with all natural ingredients through a proprietary fermentation process. This product nourishes the bone marrow to enable it to produce an increased level of circulating stem cells.
  • What are the ingredients?
    • The Stem-Kine formula is a proprietary blend of L. fermentum extract, Ellagic acid and Beta 1,3 Glucan. Each capsule also contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D3. The product is 100% natural and it comes in a vegetable capsule.
  • What is the correct dosage to take?
    • Those who participated in the clinical studies were taking 2 servings (4 capsules) per day for 2 weeks. Dr. Neil Riordan, the product developer, suggests taking 4 capsules per day for the first two weeks and 2 capsules per day thereafter. Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night for the first 2 weeks (1st bottle) then go down to 2 capsules per day if desired. You are also welcome to stay at 2 servings per day if you prefer.
  • Is Stem-Kine safe for children?
    • There are no ingredients in Stem-Kine that are considered unsafe for children. If you are giving Stem-Kine to your children, you may reduce the serving size by half for a child who is approximately half the weight or an adult or in ¼ for a smaller child.

      Each capsule of Stem-Kine contains 1000 IU of vitamin D. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends 400 IU of vitamin D per day for small children; however, many experts believe that this is still not adequate for many children. If the child has any type of routine blood work, vitamin D levels are easy to monitor to assure that they are within safe limits for the child.

  • Will Stem-Kine help with xxxx condition?
    • Stem-Kine is not a drug and nutritional supplements do not treat, cure or prevent any disease process. RBC products are intended to supply important nutrients to help the body achieve and maintain their healthy function. RBC products are not intended to treat any specific disease.

      No research has been conducted using Stem-Kine with various conditions. What the research shows is:

      1. Stem-Kine nourishes the bone marrow leading to an increase in your body’s production of circulating adult stem cells.
      2. Stem cells are your body’s natural repair and renewal system. When tissues are damaged, stem cells assist in the repair of those tissues. This may be heart tissue, brain tissue, liver tissue or lung tissue as a few examples.
      3. Stem cells appear to play a valuable role in supporting immune function and supporting the body after an injury.
      4. People with higher levels of stem cells are generally healthier.
      5. Anyone can benefit from a higher level of circulating stem cells, particularly those over the age of 25.
  • Can I take Stem-Kine with xxxx medicine?
    • Only the doctor who prescribed the medicine can comment on potential contraindications. However, we are happy to state that Stem-Kine is made from 100% natural ingredients and we are not aware of any contraindications with the ingredients found in Stem-Kine.
  • Is Stem-Kine vegetarian/vegan?
    • Stem-Kine does not contain any meat by-products and no animals are in any way harmed to make the product. In addition, this product has not been tested on animals.

      Stem-Kine does contain vitamin D3, which is the bioavailable form of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is derived from the lanolin found in sheep’s wool. The sheep are not harmed in any way, they are simply shaved and the vitamin D3 found naturally in the wool is concentrated for supplemental purposes.

      Those who are comfortable wearing wool clothes should be comfortable taking a vitamin D3 product. Some very strict vegans may be opposed to this; however, vitamin D2 is the only plant based option and it is an inferior form that does not tend to raise blood levels of vitamin D as effectively as the natural, active vitamin D3.

  • Is Stem-Kine gluten-free?
    • Stem-Kine is not tested for gluten; however, there are no gluten containing ingredients in the product.
  • Is Stem-Kine dairy-free?
    • Yes. There are no dairy (milk) based ingredients used in the production of Stem-Kine.
  • Can I take Stem-Kine at night or will it keep me awake?
    • There are no stimulating or sedating ingredients in Stem-Kine so it can be taken at any time of the day. Some have reported that taking Stem-Kine before bed helps them sleep more soundly, but it can be taken at any time based on your personal preference.
  • I have seen another product online that claims to enhance stem cells? How does Stem-Kine compare?
    • It is possible to experience a slight increase in stem cell production after the consumption of several SuperFoods, just as you would if you consumed a very healthy diet on a consistent basis. However, Stem-Kine goes beyond what has been able to be achieved by any single food. This product has been shown in two clinical trials to increase circulating stem cells 100%! These results far surpass what is offered by any other product on the market.

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