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Field Tests

Dr. Takahashi’s Field Tests
Dr. Hiroshi Takahashi received his Doctor of Pharmacology degree from Kitazato University and is a former Professor of Pharmacology at Kitazato University. He majored in biochemistry with an emphasis on nucleic acids, peptides and flavonoids. He is currently an active lecturer in the pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, and cosmetic fields.

Kitazato University was founded by Dr. Sibasaburo Kitazato, who identified the tetanus bacteria. The university supports Kitazato Laboratory and the Kitazato General Hospital and Research Institute for Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Takahashi has field-tested ThreeLac™ and has sent us four testimonials regarding the various benefits obtained. Those testimonials follow his comments on ThreeLac™.

Dr. Takahashi’s Comments
Do you know hyperlipemia? It is the syndrome where excessive lipids such as cholesterol and neutral fat are found in the blood which contributes to clogged arteries. Hyperlipemia could cause arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction, and cerebral infarction. More than 60% of people 50 years or older in Japan are suffering from hyperlipemia due to changes in lifestyle (more meat and sugar, less phycial exercise).

Eighty percent of cholesterol is produced by the liver and provides benefit to the body. Bile acid produced from cholesterol assists digestion and absorption by binding excessive lipids in the intestine. Intestinal microorganisms (beneficial bacteria) assists with metabolism, absorption, and excretion in the intestine. The use of cholesterol in the body depends upon the condition of intestinal microbial flora (the balance of beneficial vs. harmful organisms).

Beneficial bacteria turns the cholesterol into useful substances, which, in turn, lowers the cholesterol level in the blood. It is important for people who are suffering from hyperlipemia to enhance their beneficial intestinal bacteria by daily intake of ThreeLac™ probiotics.

Have you recently experienced the following symptoms:

  • Chapped skin, suffering from pimples or dull skin, or

  • Poor appetite, or

  • Fatigue, or

  • Stiff shoulders or headache, or

  • Constipation and foul breath?

  • Bloating

These symptoms possibly come from deteriorated intestinal conditions and could be the warning signal for failing health. The intestine is a very important organ, as it digests our food and provides absorption of nourishment. Nutrients absorbed in the intestine turn into energy for cellular activity. Should intestinal conditions deteriorate because of imbalanced intestinal microbial flora, detrimental substances could be produced by harmful intestinal microorganisms. These substances are absorbed and cause the symptoms mentioned above, which lead to worse health conditions and earlier aging.

The probiotics in ThreeLac™ enhance the beneficial intestinal microorganisms and improve the intestinal microbial flora balance.

Report No. 1 (Woman, 41 years old)
“I had been suffering from severe constipation for many years. I used to have no bowel action for three or more days. I had dry and chapped skin and experienced pimples, especially in winter. I could always feel how rough my skin was whenever I washed my face.

When I started taking ThreeLac™, I experienced light diarrhea. I continued to take ThreeLac™, reducing my daily dose from 5 to 3 packets. After a while, I began having regular bowel action once a day and began losing weight. I have been very happy to wash my face recently since I can feel very smooth skin. I no longer have foul breath. My weight has remained stable, even if my diet may become excessive.”

Report No. 2 (Woman, 57 years old)
“It has been 11 months since I began taking ThreeLac™ probiotics. I am in better health and enjoying an active lifestyle. My blood pressure is now 130 over 80. It’s hard to imagine that it was 200 over 100 just one year ago. Now I believe that persistency brings great results.”

Report No. 3 (Woman, 27 years old)
“One year ago, during his annual exam, my husband was shocked to be told by a doctor that his total cholesterol value was 244 and neutral fat value was 356. He did not want to take any prescription medications for this. After a while, he was diagnosed with depression as well.

I recommended that he try ThreeLac™, since I had been told that a cleaner intestine results in less toxins in the body. He agreed to try it. Afterward, we were very pleased and surprised when he was told that his total cholesterol was 180 and neutral fat was 131 during his annual check-up this year. His depression is alleviated, and he has a more positive outlook these days.”

Report No. 4 (Woman, 63 years old)

“I had been suffering from knee pain and disk pain because my weight was around 57 kgs. I was told that my blood sugar level was borderline diabetic. There was no improvement after four months of medical treatment.

Then I started taking ThreeLac™. Within a month, I lost 0.5 kgs. After nine months, my blood sugar level was reduced to within normal ranges. I have been free from knee pain and disk pain, and I have lost 5 kgs.”

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