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According to Harvard Medical School, Stanford University Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the Centers for Disease Control and numerous other research centers, there is one source for up to 95% of all illness and disease and that is stress1. The remaining is due to genetic predisposition which, in turn, is triggered by stress.

Since this stress can be nutritional, environmental and/or psychological, achieving optimal levels of wellness requires a wholistic approach that can accurately identify and tackle those areas.

Our individually customized wellness coaching focuses in bringing to light those areas that can use improvement using cutting edge technologies and providing with you with a supportive environment that will allow you prioritize on the critical areas that need more attention, giving you the necessary tools to make deep, long lasting changes for better health and well-being.

How do our sessions look like?

We use a series of kinesiological testing and resolution techniques like QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis), ERT (Emotional Repolarization Techniques) and Psych-k, among others, to allow your own body to tell us what it really needs to heal and resolve deep seated issues.

ZytoWe then use Zyto Bio-communication technology to quickly assess your body for nutritional and potential emotional imbalances. Zyto Bio-communication provides us with a fast and accurate read of your current state, allowing us to focus on those most critical issues and identifying the most beneficial tools (i.e. which nutritional supplements, or cleanses, would be most beneficial) to efficiently assist your body in regaining its balance.

We offer sessions both locally and remotely.

Remote Sessions:

Zyto HandYou can get a Zyto Bio-survey in the comfort of your home or office. Remote sessions require the use of a computer with an internet connection. We will send you a hand cradle to connect it to your computer so we can assess your system with the Zyto Bio-communication.

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