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Coming out of a Cleanse

Coming out of a cleanse is one of the most important parts of it as it sets the tone for your body of what's to come.

Depending on the cleanse that you have been doing, the body has been getting rid of old material: residues, toxins, damaged cells, parasites, etc. allowing it now to function at a much more efficient rate. The lighter the burden that the body has to carry the more vital your cells, tissues and organs will be and more efficient the repairing and healing process will become.

When coming out of the cleanse it is critical, in order to maintain the beneficial effects of it, to start ingesting the right kind of nutrition slowly and in phases. A cleanse is an important point in time where you're setting your system into new standards. If you go back into ingesting mediocre quality food you're setting yourself up to going back to where you started.

For this reason it is vital to come out of the cleanse ingesting only the very best nutrition. This means, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no processed/packaged food and most importantly no STRESS at least for a week after finishing the cleanse. Although this needs to be adjusted according to the length of time that you have been cleansing. Doing a cleanse for a week requires different weaning that a month long one.

Here is a guideline, in phases. Adjust the length of each phase according to the length of your cleanse.

Phase 1: Juicing (NOT bottled juices), and vegetable broths and/or miso soup in you're cold or need salt. Don't eat the solids.

Phase 2: Introduce fresh fruit Smoothies (NOT bottled smoothies) with Superfoods (like Spirulina, Vitamieral Green and/or Greener Grasses, Goji berries, Bee Pollen, etc), salads & Sauerkraut for replenish the intestinal flora. You want to continue with Phase 1 while on Phase 2 like starting your day with a juice then a smoothie then a salad, then a broth, etc.

Phase 3: You can start introducing solid foods in the form of fruits and vegetables in salads with very small amounts of nuts & seeds. Animal proteins and dairy only if you can't live without them.

Although we have to warn you that cooked foods are in general detrimental for the overall health as it literally kills the enzymes in food. Food without enzymes are taxing to your system especially as you grow older and your pool of enzymes get depleted. Food without enzymes become very difficult to digest and undigested food creates congestion and eventually sluggishness.

Here is a good explanation from David Wolfe of coming out of a cleanse:



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