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Oxygen Elements Max
from Global Health Trax
(Formerly Hydroxygen Plus)


OE Max Now Contains Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acids, a natural extract from ancient plant deposit that was created 75 million years ago in the upper cretaceous period, consist of an immense arsenal and array of naturally occuring phytochemicals, biochemicals, supercharged antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, super oxide dismutases, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals. Fulvic Acids greatly enhance the bioavailability of important trace minerals. Regenerate and prolong the residence time of essential nutrients in the cells. Modify the damage or toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals. Enhance the permeability for digestive, circulatory, and cell membranes. As the most powerful, natural electrolyte known, fulvic acid restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralizes toxins and can eliminate food poisoning within minutes. To the science of living cells, fulvic acids are vital in bringing substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals into water solution and delivering their living energies to the living cells.

 In today’s environment we receive only about HALF of the oxygen that our bodies are designed to run on in order to experience dynamic health. By living in an oxygen-deficient environment and not feeding our cells the proper oxygen and nutrients needed for cleaning out toxins and wastes, our body fluids and blood can become dirty and toxic.

Oxygen Elements Max supplies the body with a steady diet of free oxygen, hydrogen, full spectrum minerals, amino acids, and enzymes – all the while cleansing your body’s cells, including the colon. Oxygen Elements Max has been refined by brilliant scientists with many years of experience.

Oxygen Elements Max is patented. Patents are not easy to get. The product to be patented must be truly remarkable and have unexpected benefits. Oxygen Elements Max qualifies in all respects!

Oxygen Elements Max Is.....

  • a powerful free radical scavenger. This is especially noticeable, for example, with patients who use it when they require chemotherapy and/or radiation. These patients report that they have fewer or no side effects. The results are especially good with nausea, weight loss, and hair loss.

  • also a metabolic efficiency catalyst. This means that it enhances nutrient absorption and increases waste metabolism. The users absorb more nutrient value from the foods and supplements they consume, because the trace mineral activated enzymes (both digestive and metabolic enzymes) work more efficiently. The strong catalytic activity of Oxygen Elements Max allows for dosage reduction with drug therapy and promotes greater nutrient absorption and availability of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrient factors.

  • an energy booster. With the increased energy reserves the Oxygen Elements Max imparts, there is a gradual but significant detoxification of cellular wastes, allowing the body to function cleanly and efficiently, further increasing energy level over time. The trace element support of the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems functions may contribute to overall increased energy, relief from allergies, and decreased sleep requirements.

  • a detoxifier. When Oxygen Elements Max is taken and the energy potential in the body is increased, the natural mechanism in most people's bodies is to increase metabolism of waste material out of the body. This can result in detoxification symptoms -- such as headaches, achiness, skin eruptions, recurrence of past symptoms -- if it is done too rapidly, and especially if the eliminative channels of the body are congested.

  • designed to balance the body's metabolism.

  • is highly charged electrostatically, and its dibase solution has a bipolar valence, creating a dualistic healing approach to tissue imbalances. Meaning that whether there is an anabolic or catabolic imbalance, Oxygen Elements Max can bring about an appropriate balance and activate the body's rapid healing response.

  • a wound healer. It acts as a free electron donor, repairing tissue on contact at the cellular level. People using Oxygen Elements Max topically report very satisfactory results with warts, moles, other skin anomalies, athlete's foot, fingernail and toenail fungus, diabetic ulcers, and skin cancer. It cauterizes and disinfects wounds instantly. Painful paper cuts could heal in hours.

  • a fabulous water treatment. It was first developed in 1956 to make potable water for the military. The powerful bacteriostatic and flocculating effects of Oxygen Elements Max can be witnessed by adding two drops of Oxygen Elements Max to a gallon of water and setting the mixture aside for four to eight hours. The result is potable water.

  • great for plants and cut flowers. Pets thrive on Oxygen Elements Max. This is great! Try it on your house plants or some cut flowers. Your plants will flourish with it. Put it in your pet's water and see what happens! Many people have reported that their pets prefer water with Oxygen Elements Max.  44is absolutely stable. It becomes more potent with age. Sunlight charges it's energy potential. Airport x-ray machines and other electromagnetic influences do not affect Oxygen Elements Max.

  • extraordinary. There is no secret behind the value of trace minerals and micronutrients. The secret of the effectiveness of Oxygen Elements Max is the physics involved in capturing, combining, and concentrating these elements into one easy-to-take drop in a glass of water. Because the elements in Oxygen Elements Max are in a special ionic form in colloidal suspension, Oxygen Elements Max is designed to replenish proper blood levels of these nutrients and enhance the metabolic benefit of other supplements and nutrients, as well as assist in the elimination of toxins and toxic waste materials from the body.

How to take Oxygen elements Max

Oxygen Elements Max™ and all Global Health Trax Products are
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