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How to take
Oxygen Elements

Research has shown that increased oxygenation can support healthy cell function, provide protection against many negative pathogens (viruses, molds, fungi and bacteria), neutralize free radicals, oxidize waste, and reduce lactic acid build up after exercise, among other things.  Oxygen Elements Plus is a patented, extremely absorbable oxygenator.  Oxygen increase may be seen in the blood by most people using a pulse oxymeter before and after first ingestion, within 15 to 30 minutes.

The first one-ounce bottle of drops may last more than one month if you are building gradually to the maintenance amount on the label. Once you have built to the maintenance amount of 7 drops 3 times per day, one bottle will be exactly a one-month supply. The key to success with OE+ is to start gradually to avoid flu-like symptoms (natural detoxification) that are too sudden, and to avoid sudden increase in acidity, since the carrier system of OE+ is acidic in order to enable needed absorption.  It is important to build gradually to three times a day to sustain oxygenation over the whole day, if building to the maintenance amount.

For more compromised health, one may increase to the therapeutic amount (3 times the maintenance amount) for a couple months (or less), before dropping to 7 drops three times per day for maintenance.  Please start with that gradually as well, to allow your body to acclimate, and if at any point you are feeling detoxification thatís too uncomfortable, drop back down in your number of drops, keep water levels high, and increase again gradually. Drops may be distributed throughout the day however convenient. Test oxygen levels periodically with an oximeter and when oxygen saturation appears to be consistently maximum, drop down to the maintenance amount.  The maintenance amount of 7 drops three times per day can help maintain high oxygen levels for most people.

This convenient, portable source of oxygenation is a great travel companion and can be added to water or juice any time of day.  Water is generally preferable since sufficient daily intake of water is important for cleansing and hydration. Working on alkalinity as well may be important.

Please follow the written How To Use Instruction that come with your order, and call 760-542-3000, Ext. 3, Product Information, if you have questions.

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