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Chase away your Candida overgrowth

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ThreeLac™ and Candida

Candida is a crafty and opportunistic creature. It can manage to hide (sometimes for years!) in parts of our bodies where traditional therapies don’t always reach – in our joints, for instance. It thrives on some of the foods that are a large part of the typical American diet. These foods can alter intestinal pH unfavorably and create the perfect environment for candida overgrowth. Taking antibiotics, steroids, or oral contraceptives can trigger the pH change from good to bad. Stress contributes to candida proliferation. And, because of its adaptability, candida is easily transmitted from person to person in a family.

Conventional wisdom tells that “all” you would need to do to get rid of candida is:

  • drastically change your diet so you’re not eating ANY sugars or yeast products,

  • eat only fiber and protein for six to nine months (or longer!),

  • never use antibiotics again in your life for any reason,

  • remove all sources of stress (oh, now, THAT will be easy)

  • don’t eat after anyone else in your family,

  • don’t kiss anyone in your family,

  • don’t sleep with your spouse,

  • wash everyone’s clothes separately,

  • take (for a year or longer) one of the anti-yeast drugs that may have unwanted side effects, and

  • then try to rebalance the flora in your intestines with massive doses of friendly acidophilus, bifidus, or lactobacillus.

OR……….. You Can Take ThreeLac™. ThreeLac™ absolutely LOVES to “eat” your candida. It doesn’t care that your candida has been feeding on sugars. It doesn’t care that your candida has been feeding on yeast products. It’s just happy to be dining on your candida.

ThreeLac™'s role is to assist in stopping candida from breaking down the intestinal mucosa and allow the intestinal tract to resume a healthy state. This is when supporting your body with full oxygenation and proper nutrition becomes vitally important. Once your intestinal tract is healthy and pH balanced, the oxygenated cells and organic trace elements go to work to rid your body of toxins, including cleansing undigested proteins and fungal candida. Without healing the intestinal tract, trying to rid your body of candida is usually futile. However, once your intestinal tract no longer allows proteins and fungal candida into the bloodstream on an ongoing basis, your body will be better able to properly use the daily support you provide.

Systemic candida will be more difficult to eradicate than intestinal candida. Adding LHB along with Coral Complete or Mega Minerals Plus and Oxygen Elements Max may be necessary.

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